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Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Software Roadmap

This page provides an overview of upcoming improvements and new features. All community members are encouraged to share feedback and improvements. Cocreators have access to more detailed updates and are able to vote to prioritize improvements and features.


The software team is currently doing a rebuild that will make it easier to update the design and add new features. The rebuild includes:

  • Transitioning to React.js and single page application (SPA) architecture 
  • Adding service workers for progressive web app (PWA) functionality
Progressive web apps combine the benefits of web apps and native mobile apps. People with limited data plans or connectivity can participate without having to download software or updates. PWAs are accessible from search engines, have easily shareable links, work across all devices, are easier to use offline or in low signal areas, and can receive notifications, be added to a homescreen, and provide a full screen experience like a native mobile app.



Many Good Market approved enterprises already have online stores and marketplaces. They are requesting apps and plugins that enable them to display their current marketplace listings on the Good Market platform.


Online Payments

Currently community members are using the basic marketplace for information about free opportunities and events, social commerce through chat and directing traffic to existing websites, ecommerce sites, booking engines, or other platforms, but there are many requests for onsite payments. The focus will be on platform integrations, low transaction fees and international transfers so that community members in all countries can participate.


Marketplace Improvements

The initial marketplace release was very basic. As community members continue to add products, services, events, opportunities, places to visit, and other content to the community marketplace, it becomes more clear what the future requirements are. This will inform future improvements related to search, filters, and the marketplace user experience.


Chat to Cart

Traditional ecommerce sites work best for enterprises that have a large inventory of uniform products that can be directly added to a cart. Many Good Market community members have products that are unique handmade, upcycled or customizable. The “chat to cart” feature is for community members with one-of-a-kind products that require additional communication before the order is finalized.


Custom Quote

Many Good Market community members are involved in both B2C and B2B trade and are looking for opportunities to supply products to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and private label buyers. In the future, it will be possible to use marketplace chat to send custom quotes for large or customized orders.


Community Currency

Initially, marketplace payments will be tested with fiat currency, but the long-term goal is to partner with others to integrate mutual credit and other forms of community currency. If Good Market approved enterprises and local networks are able to trade using community currency, it will increase economic resilience and strengthen the new economy movement.


Improved Chat

As part of the initial rebuild, the chat page will be redesigned to make it more mobile responsive and easier to use. A search bar will also be added to make it easier to find past conversations. 


Improved Forum

The initial forum release was very basic. As community members have added and replied to questions, the requirements have become more clear. As part of the initial rebuild, the forum page will be redesigned to include improved category and location tags and filter and search options. The design will also be updated to work better on mobile phones.


Group Chat

The same service provider that is used for direct chat can be used for group chat as well. Individuals, enterprises, and networks will be able to form groups, define the topic, language, location (if relevant), and community rules, and invite participants. As an interim measure, Good Market has helped facilitate group chats off-site, but many community members are trying to avoid Facebook owned services like Messenger, Facebook Groups, and WhatsApp.


Translation of Community Content

The online application, profile page, and other static content is translated by the community using the OneSky translation platform. In the future, the Google Translation API will be used to translate community content including marketplace listings, forums, and profile page description paragraphs. This will make it easier to connect and share information across language barriers.

Developer Platform

Good Market is committed to interoperability and integration with other software tools and platforms. Systems will be put in place to enable developers to offer extensions or integrate the platform with other services. Additional services might include APIs for headless commerce, social network features, impact reporting, procurement tools, blockchain based supply chain tracking, community currencies, media and content integrations, etc.