Welcome to Good Market Lanka!

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Welcome to Good Market Lanka! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Reid Avenue

Looking for organic and natural food in Sri Lanka? Want to support local social enterprises and responsible businesses? Good Market Reid Avenue is open every day from 8 am to 8 pm across the street from the Colombo Racecourse at 14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7. As you enter the Lakpahana gate, you’ll see it on your left.
Good Market Shop Sign
Good Market Reid Avenue

Good Market Reid Avenue has a shop and cafe spaces with organic, natural, and eco-friendly products from more than 130 Good Market approved enterprises. If you have questions about shop products or want to receive daily shop delivery updates, call or send a WhatsApp message to +94772764455.


The courtyard is a community space with shade, rain protection, fans, and lighting and is available for meetings, workshops, events, and popups. To reserve a time slot, contact the team by email or at +94770208642.

Organic and Natural Products

All products at the shop are labeled as Natural, PGS Organic, or Certified Organic.
The minimum standard for farm products is organic, which means all fresh fruits and vegetables, heirloom rice, grains, and legumes either have an organic certificate from an accredited certifying body or are verified under the organic participatory guarantee system (PGS).
If you’re interested in being an organic volunteer and participating in farm visits, you can can contact the PGS coordinator by email or at +94773772122.

Here are some of the organic and natural products you’ll find at the Good Market shop:


Zero Waste


  • Reusable vegetable bags from Rice & Carry


  • Upcycled sari bags from Moonshadow


  • Stainless steel straws from Parkville


  • Wooden spoons, forks, knives and compostable takeaway containers from Ananta Sustainables



Produce and Farm Products


  • Organic fresh fruits and vegetables from Green Care Organic, Green House Agro Farm, Saaraketha, Go Organic Nature Foods, Malaboda Forest Products, and Ellawala Organic


  • Hydroponic salad greens and rocket from Lanka Salad Company and specialty mushrooms from Hyphae Grow


  • Free range eggs from Malpotha Farms and Via Village


  • Organic heirloom rice from Sam Sarvaposha, Saaraketha, and Bio Foods


  • Organic peanut, sesame, mung bean (green gram), red bean, black eyed pea, kollu, and kurakkan from Raja Gedara



Dairy and Vegan Alternatives


  • Fresh milk, butter, plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, Greek yogurt, and buffalo curd from Renusha, Baby Valentina, Senani, Frutty Fro Yo, and Aeri


  • Paneer, feta, fresh mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, and aged Maiajano from Maia Cheese and Lili Dairy


  • Vegan cashew cheese, vegan coconut yogurt, drinking coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and tofu from Soul Food, Ceylon Coconut Company, Cocomi Bio, Be Veg, White Wave, and Organico Guru



Snacks, Dried Fruits, and Nuts


  • Vegan cashew pudding, chocolate mousse, and chia pudding from Soul Food and Senani


  • Dark chocolate with brown sugar or kithul jaggery from Hansa Ceylon


  • Organic fruit and nut snack bars from Greenfield Organic Life


  • Cashew, sesame, and peanut snacks from Addictive, Little T’s, Raja Gedara, and Haritha Lanka


  • Cookies with a social mission from Hope Cookies and Chesma’s Natural Cookies


  • Baked atta pita chips from Saffron Persian Delight


  • Organic mango, banana, papaya, jackfruit, soursop, watermelon, and mixed dried fruit snacks from Greenfield Organic Life, Govi Aruna, and Arni’s Foods


  • Dried figs, apricots, apples, prunes, sultanas, goji berries, prunes, sultanas, and dates from Big Borek, Organico Guru, What on Earth, and Foodlink


  • Almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, pistachio, and mixed nuts from Big Borek, Jordan River, What on Earth, and PowerUp 365





  • Herbal teas, coffee, green tea, black tea, and masala mix from Possible Green, Moriceylon, Soul Coffee, LYBS, Amba Estate, Hansa Ceylon, Greenfield Organic Life, Eksath Organic, Ceylon Pink Detox Tea, Naturally Sweet, Bio Foods, and Dulce Vi


  • Probiotic kombucha from Laa Dhalu and Flow Health Bar, kefir from Senani, and yogurt drinks from Frutty Fro Yo


  • Organic certified fruit juice and cinnamon drink from Govi Aruna


  • Organic certified plain, lemongrass, melo mint, and pineapple coconut water from August Water, Govi Aruna, Nutri Naturals, and Coconut Miracle


  • Natural juices, ginger beer, and iced tea from Cherine’s Quench, Big Borek, and SOZO


  • Energy drinks and detox drinks from Soul Food



Seeds, Flours, and Grains


  • Kurakkan flour, rice flour, organic coconut flour, gram flour, buckwheat flour, atta flour, and organic Russello wheat flour from FoodLink, Ecowave, Coconut Miracle, Nutri Naturals, OrganicoGuru, and Ma’s Kitchen 


  • Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, basil seeds (kasa kasa), amaranth seeds, millet, quinoa, and oats from Thulsi Super Seeds, What on Earth, and Organico Guru



Baking and Natural Sweeteners


  • Raw organic cacao powder from Greenfield Organic Life


  • Plant-based natural food coloring from Sprig


  • No calorie stevia extract and stevia powder from Cayambe Lanka


  • Pure bee honey from Dunvila Sustainables, Elixir of Life, Rainforest Foods, and Northern Palmyrah


  • Organic coconut sugar from Greenfield Organic Life and Ceylon Coconut Company


  • Local cane sugar and organic cane sugar from Madushani and Ma’s Kitchen


  • Coconut syrup, palmyrah syrup and jaggery, and kithul syrup and jaggery from Coconut Miracle, Nutri Naturals, Northern Palmyrah, Kimbula Kithul, Yaka Foods, Haritha Lanka, and Rainforest Foods



Sweet Spreads and Ready to Eat Foods


  • Cacao peanut spread, coconut spreads, peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter, and sesame tahini from Array, Greenfield Organic Life, Coconut Miracle, Ceylon Pure, Rangala House Gourmet, and Soul Food


  • Local jam, jelly, and marmalade from Amba Estate and Yummy Goodness



Spices and Herbs


  • Vanilla pods, vanilla extract, and vanilla paste from Ceylon Vanilla Company


  • Organic dried peppermint, mint, basil, oregano, rosemary, and thyme from Uva Forest Gardens Belipola and Haritha Herbs


  • Za’atar from Jordan River


  • Curry powder blends from Mantra Life, Spice Mate, Rainforest Foods, Greenfield Organic Life, and Ma’s Kitchen


  • Organic cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, chili, black pepper, and white pepper from Greenfield Organic Life, Ma’s Kitchen, and Amuura


  • Sea salt from Saviya Cooperative and Himalayan pink rock salt and black rock salt from Thulsi Superseeds and What on Earth


Canned Foods and Coconut Products


  • Minced garlic, minced ginger, goraka paste, and tamarind paste from Larich


  • Canned tomatoes, red kidney beans, cannellini beans from Organico Guru


  • Organic coconut milk, coconut cream, desiccated coconut, and coconut chips from Cocomi Bio, Coconut Miracle, Ma’s Kitchen, Greenfield Organic Life, and Nutri Natural



Seasoning, Vinegar, and Oils


  • Coconut aminos and soy sauce from Ceylon Coconut Company, Coconut Miracle, JR Premium, and Thai Heritage


  • Organic coconut vinegar and organic apple cider vinegar with the “mother” from Coconut Miracle, Nutri Natural, Govi Aruna, Organico Guru, and Finch Organic Health and Living


  • Organic balsamic vinegar, organic red wine vinegar, and rice vinegar from Organico Guru and Thai Heritage


  • Organic virgin olive oil, organic sunflower oil, organic toasted sesame oil, mustard oil, sesame oil, and ghee from Organico Guru, Ma’s Kitchen, and Northern Palmyrah


  • Organic virgin coconut oil from Coconut Miracle, Govi Aruna, and Greenfield Organic Life



Savory Spreads, Condiments, and Ready to Eat Foods


  • Chutneys, sambols, spicy pickles, and curries from Larich, ManiEli, Yummy Goodness


  • Firestarter chili sauce, hot sauces, and chili jams from Life Foods, The Relish, JR Premium, Rangala House Gourmet, and Yummy Goodness


  • Mustard from Amba Estate, tomato ketchup from JR Premium gherkin pickles from Govi Aruna


  • Organic certified soups from Ma’s Kitchen


  • Hummus from Big Borek and Innocent Foods


  • Pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, sott’olio, and pasta sauce from Dolce Italia, Rangala House Gourmet, and Flow


  • Gluten-free, organic, and whole grain noodles and pastas from Ma’s Kitchen and OrganicoGuru



Supplements and Wellness


  • Spirulina powder, maca powder, acai powder, and matcha powder from Vitawell


  • Moringa powder, mangosteen powder, garcinia powder, gotukola powder, thebu powder, and green coffee bean extract from Greenfield Organic Life, Nutri Natural, Rainforest Foods, Cino Ceylon, and LYBS


  • Activated charcoal, diatomaceous earth, omega 3 supplements, virgin coconut oil capsules, and moringa capsules from Moonshadow, Shifa Natural, Ceylon Coconut Company, and MoriCeylon


  • Ayurvedic cough syrup, paspanguwa, thripala tablets, kanaka balm, and herbal tonic wines from Pilapitiya Ayurveda 



Personal Care


  • Aromatherapy, roll-on natural fragrances, and pure essential oils from Cliara, AromaStick, and Moonshadow


  • Mosquito repellent sprays, lotions, and balms from Cliara, Green Leaf Herbal, and Moonshadow


  • Cloth pads and menstrual cups from Momiji Natural and Moonshadow


  • Natural deodorant crystals form Moonshadow


  • Toothpaste from Lina and Green Leaf Herbal, cinnamon toothpicks from Cino Ceylon


  • Lip balms, healing salves, sun tan oil, after sun care, and under eye oil from Moonshadow and Esther’s


  • Baby shampoo, baby soap, baby salves, and happy nappy balm from Green Leaf Herbal and Moonshadow


  • Shampoo bars, shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil from Aurelia Soapworks, Green Leaf Herbal, Pilapitiya Ayurveda, Lina, and Esther’s


  • Face wash, neem body wash, aloe vera gel, acne cream, lotion, and body butter from Green Leaf Herbal, Pilapitiya Ayurveda, Helinta Eco, Lina


  • Face masks and scrubs from Aurelia Soap Works, Iris Garden, Green Leaf Herbal, Lina, Helinta Eco, and Sugar Habitat


  • Natural soaps from Helinta Eco, Lina, Moonshadow, Aurelia Soapworks, Satin, and Green Leaf Herbal



Home, Pet, and Garden Care


  • Natural dish soap, laundry powder, and household cleaning products from Moonshadow, Satin, and Kemara


  • Mosquito repellent candles and essential oil beeswax candles from Fone Natural and Lina


  • Dried lavender sachets from Senani


  • Dog treats and dog cleaning products from The Barkery and Green Leaf Herbal


  • Natural fertilizer, soil microorganisms, and gardening supplies from Eco Greeners and Bio Power

Cafe Food and Drinks


  • Fresh hoppers, rice and curry, string hoppers & more from Gami Gedara


  • Fresh juices and smoothies from Gami Gedara


  • Tarts, quiches, cannelloni, lasagne & more from Milk & Honey Cafe


  • Baked goods from Milk & Honey Cafe