Welcome to Good Market Lanka!

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Welcome to Good Market Lanka! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Event Rules

The below rules are for vendors participating in the Saturday Good Market event. They help ensure that the Good Market is sustainable, community members and other vendors have a positive experience, and good relationships are maintained with site management and government authorities.

Not following these rules may affect future stall reservations or status as a Good Market approved vendor.

1. General Rules

1.1 Approved Brand
A vendor with a Good Market approved brand must ensure that all products sold under that brand, including products sold outside the Good Market, meet Good Market minimum standards.


1.2 Approved Products
If a vendor has products in their stall that were not approved or do not match the Good Market standards, they will receive an initial warning. If it happens again, they may lose their stall.


1.3 Sign Board
Vendors must clearly display a sign board with their brand name and information on how their products meet Good Market standards.


1.4 Prices
Prices must be clearly displayed for each product in the stall. 


1.5 Misrepresentation
If a vendor misrepresents their products, they will lose their stall and a complaint will be filed with the Consumer Affairs Authority.

Event Rules

1.6 Zero Waste
The market aims to be a zero-waste zone. Vendors may not provide Styrofoam containers or any single-use plastic items to customers (plastic shopping bags, bottles, cups, containers, straw, spoons, forks, gloves, etc.)


1.7 Proselytizing
No proselytizing or evangelical activity is permitted at the Good Market. 


1.8 Event Hours
All participating vendors are expected to maintain a full and attractive stall during the official market hours. Empty stalls are bad for customer experience and the overall reputation of the event.

2. COVID-19 Guidelines

2.1 Vendors must wear reusable masks and gloves at the marketplace.


2.2 Sanitizers must be provided in each stall for customers.


2.3 Full stalls can only have two individuals, one to handle cash and the other for product handling.


2.4 Half stalls can only have one individual from the enterprise, and a collaboration must be made with the shared stall vendor in order to follow market guidelines.


2.5 Vendors are encouraged to take card payments.


2.6 Food stall vendors must wear aprons and wear hair cover masks.


2.7 Before entering marketplace, vendors must get their body temperature checked at the entrance.


2.8 Food must be covered and pre-heated before serving.


2.9 Food vendors cannot use the marketplace sink to wash their food display containers.


2.10 If any vendor has symptoms of fever or Covid-19, they must inform the information stall.


2.11 All participating vendors are expected to set up before 9 am and leave after 5 pm.


2.12 Refrain from using reusable cutlery, take away food is encouraged. If a customer request to have food at the marketplace vendors must provide banana leaves or biodegradable plates.


2.13 Ensure all customers wear masks.


2.14 After returning home from market:

  • Remove footwear before entering premises
  • Wash hands, face and feet before entering premises.
  • Wash clothes worn at the marketplace separately.

3. Payments, Attendance, and Stall Assignments

3.1 Stall Reservation Dates

All stall reservations are on a pre-payment basis. Stalls can be reserved for 4 consecutive Saturdays or 12 consecutive Saturdays. The dates on the invoice are the reserved dates. Vendors will not be reimbursed if they miss a date on their invoice. If a vendor informs in writing before the start of a new payment period that they will be out for 1-2 Saturdays, the reserved dates on their invoice will be adjusted accordingly.


3.2 Pre-Payments
Pre-payments must be made by 5 pm Tuesday to reserve a Saturday stall. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or bank deposit. If a vendor makes a payment by bank deposit, they must submit a copy of the deposit slip for the payment to be credited to their account. Receipts are issued for cash and cheque payments. For bank deposits, the deposit slip serves as confirmation of payment.


3.3 Electricity Surcharge
There is one square-pin electrical outlet for each 10×10 full stall space. Basic use of a single plug (e.g. light, fan, phone charging, laptop) is included in the stall costs. Vendors with heavy electricity use (e.g. hot plates, fridges, freezers, or other equipment) need to pay a Rs. 500 electricity surcharge per day. The electricity payment must be made before leaving the market or it will not be possible to reserve a stall the following week.


3.4 Absences
If a vendor decides to discontinue their reservation or miss a Saturday market, they should inform the Good Market organizers in writing by 5 pm on the prior Tuesday so that the weekly stall assignments can be adjusted. Vendors will not be reimbursed if they miss a date on their invoice. (See 3.1)


3.5 Stall Location Requests
Stall assignments change from week to week depending on vendor participation. It is not possible to request a specific stall number, but full stall vendors can request to be close to or far away from another vendor, close to or far away from music, in a particular section or on a particular side. Priority for special requests is given to vendors that come on time, pay on time, participate regularly, give advance notice of absences, fully comply with event rules, and have a greater focus on social or environmental service. If a vendor with a location request is absent for three consecutive 3 weeks, they will lose the requested location and will need to resubmit.


3.6 Sign-In and Sign-Out
When vendors arrive, they should come to the Good Market Information Stall to sign in, write their arrival time, check their assigned stall number, and collect their sign board. Vendors are responsible for setting up in their assigned stall. When vendors leave they should come to the Information Stall to sign out, write their departure time, and return their sign board.

4. Venue Rules

4.1 Vehicle Access
Vendors may bring vehicles into the market area to set up and take down their displays before or after the event. During official market hours, vehicle access is restricted and will only be permitted in special emergency circumstances.


4.2 Vendor Parking
Vendor parking is not permitted inside the event premises. The event car park is reserved for customers. Vendors are responsible for finding their own parking in the area.


4.3 Rented Equipment
Vendors are responsible for ensuring that all rented equipment (canopies, tables, chairs, etc.) for their stall is returned in the same condition that it is received in. 


4.4 Ground Protection
Vendors that prepare food must have a non-permeable mat under their food preparation area to prevent oil or food stains. Stalls that use paints or dyes for craft classes or demonstrations must have a non-permeable mat under the craft area to prevent stains.


4.5 Waste Water
Vendors that use water are responsible for collecting the waste water in buckets and disposing of it in the designated drain. 


4.6 Waste Management
The market area must be kept clean and neat. Each stall should collect its own recycling and waste. Waste cannot be disposed at the premises. Failure to properly dispose of waste may affect future stall assignments or reservations.


4.7 Personal Responsibility
Vendors participate in the Good Market at their own risk. The Good Market organizers and site management are not responsible for any equipment, display, or product damage or any personal injury at the Good Market site.