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Animal Husbandry Standards

The Good Market PGS standards for animal husbandry are based on the IFOAM International Norms for Organic Production and Processing. Learn more. Other international animal welfare programs including Whole Foods Animal Welfare Step 4 and Humane Choice were also used as references. 

Producers must follow these practices for at least one year to be eligible for the PGS.

Each producer that wants to participate in the PGS must sign a producer promise to confirm their commitment to these standards. For independent producers, the promise must be signed by whoever is responsible for onsite practices (e.g. the owner or the farm manager). For producer groups, each individual member must review and sign a promise. 

The promise is available in Sinhala, Tamil, and English and should be signed in the producer’s primary language. Literacy rates are very high in Sri Lanka, but if there is a case that a producer is unable to read the promise, a producer group member or the PGS Coordinator can read it to them and get their mark to verify that they understood all points.

If eggs, dairy or meat products are certified organic, it means that animals were only fed certified organic feed. If a producer is unable to source certified organic feed at this time, but they meet all other standards, they can qualify for a free range certificate. The free range certificate does not include the IFOAM Organic PGS logo.

Animal Husbandry Producer Promise