Welcome to Good Market Lanka!

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Welcome to Good Market Lanka! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Retail Outlets

The Good Market community includes many retail outlets that source from socially and environmentally responsible brands. You can see other Good Market approved retail outlets here.
In Sri Lanka, there are retail outlets under the Good Market name for organic and natural food, body, home, and garden products. The shops operate according to a social franchise model, and all products are from Good Market approved enterprises. If you’re ​near a Good Market shop, stop by and support the community!
When Good Market started, there was no intention of opening a retail outlet. Good Market focuses on curation and connection, so the original plan was to link vendors directly with institutional buyers. This worked relatively well for apparel and housewares, but fresh produce and food were a challenge.

Restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets were interested in the products, but the vendors were not ready.  They were bringing available products to the weekly event, but they did not have experience consistently filling larger orders.

Good Market Reid Avenue was started in 2014 to fill this gap and serve as an incubator for small-scale producers and startup enterprises. ​

​As a social enterprise, Good Market provides services that a conventional for-profit supermarket wouldn’t consider.  For example, organic farmers and other rural producers often send products to Colombo by public bus or train, and the Good Market team works with tuk tuk drivers to coordinate pick up from the station.

Good Market is now opening additional retail outlets in Sri Lanka using a social franchise model. The goals are to make organic, natural, and eco-friendly products more affordable and accessible, expand market opportunities for Good Market approved enterprises, and provide space for community meetups and events.

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