Welcome to Good Market Info!

Click the logo to go to the directory & marketplace

Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to go to the directory and marketplace

Good for People. Good for the Planet.

Good Market is a curated community of social enterprises, cooperatives, responsible businesses, civic organizations, networks, and changemakers. 









We’re working together to create a 21st century economy that is good for people and good for the planet.

There are Good Market approved enterprises working on farming, food, and fashion, energy and waste management, conservation and restoration, health, education, software, finance, business services, and media.

There are restaurants, retail outlets, coworking spaces, and ecovillages, artists and musicians, service clubs, advocacy groups, and more. 

Are you part of an initiative that prioritizes people and planet? Have something to offer? 

It’s free to be Good Market approved, have a public profile in the directory, and add to the marketplace.


The marketplace commons was started to increase the visibility of the movement, make it easier for people to get involved, and facilitate trade, collaboration, and collective action.

It’s designed to highlight and support existing networks and community initiatives, integrate with other platforms and software tools, and serve as enabling infrastructure.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Find and support Good Market approved enterprises in your area and around the world
  • Apply to add your own initiative
  • Cocreate by contributing time or resources
  • Catalyze the movement through community groups and networks

Good Market followed a lean startup approach. It began in Sri Lanka in 2012 with no grant funding or external working capital.

The curation process and community were initially developed through weekly marketplace events, retail outlets, and an organic participatory guarantee system (PGS). These social enterprises made it possible to start software development for the global digital commons in 2016.

Want to order online in Sri Lanka or learn more about the events, shop, and organic PGS?