Welcome to Good Market Info!

Click the logo to go to the directory & marketplace

Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to go to the directory and marketplace


Good Market is shared infrastructure for the new economy movement. It has been developed by and for the people who use it.

Networks, enterprises, and individuals that contribute resources or time are recognized as Cocreators and are able to participate in decision making and governance. 


Contribute resources through a supporter payment, subscription, or investment. 


Good Market is registered as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit social enterprise. That means there is a self-sustaining revenue model, but all profits are reinvested towards the mission. If you are not connected with a Good Market Approved enterprise, you can make a one-time or monthly contribution below.


If you have a Good Market Approved enterprise, you can subscribe from your enterprise account page.


As a not-for-profit organization, Good Market does not have private shareholders and cannot take equity investment. Initial development of the digital commons was financed through revenue and an early round of community bonds. Enterprises and networks have contributed by investing in new features and functionality.


If you have an idea for additional functionality or would like to be updated on the next round of community bonds, get in touch.


Contribute time by inviting new initiatives that are good for people and the planet, participating in the community translation project, or serving on the curation council.


The new economy movement is highly networked. Most participants know other initiatives and enterprises in their local area or in their sector. They supply, source from, and partner with mission-aligned groups and they come together in events, membership organizations, and other networks.

If you know enterprises or initiatives that are good for people and good for the planet, you can invite them to apply to become Good Market Approved. If you help three or more enterprises complete the curation process, you will be included as a Cocreator. 

If you are not connected to an approved enterprise, you can invite people from your personal account page.

If you are have a Good Market approved enterprise, you can invite people from your enterprise account page.


The community translation project helps make Good Market accessible to more people. More information is available here. If you are able to help add a new language or improve existing translations, get in touch


The minimum standards, curation process, and crowdsourced monitoring system were developed and refined through four years of weekly meetings before the system went online. The community members that participated in this process are recognized as Cocreators. 

Under the current governance structure, there is a council that assists the curation team in the rare cases that a new issue arises with an application or flagging review.


The council includes seven Level 4 or Level 5 Good Market Approved enterprises. Of the seven council seats, four are reserved for enterprises in the sectors with the most frequent review challenges: Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Personal Care, and Apparel and Housewares. They are recognized as Cocreators for their contribution.

Have questions? Get in touch. 😊