Welcome to Good Market Info!

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Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Platform Help

Personal Account

Visitors to the site can explore the directory and marketplace without signing up or logging in. To do more with the community platform, sign up and create a personal account.

  • View orders
  • Manage preferences
  • Send chat messages
  • Share feedback and flag
  • Contribute to the forum
  • Send invites
  • Become a cocreator
  • Apply for enterprise account

Enterprise Account

If you have a personal account and you’re part of an initiative that prioritizes people and planet, apply online to create an enterprise account. An enterprise account can be connected to multiple personal accounts.

  • Download logo and certificate
  • Add team members
  • Update profile page
  • Add to marketplace
  • Manage orders
  • Earn points and boost content
  • Subscribe

Network Account

If your enterprise works with a network of other enterprises, you’re eligible for a network account. That means you have your own version of the home page with a directory and marketplace for your network members.

  • Manage network members
  • Collect info through forms
  • Add points and levels
  • Coordinate review process
  • Custom directory and marketplace
  • White label directory and marketplace

Top Bar


The menu in the top left corner has links to Good Market InfoApply, the Minimum Standards, and other resources. Normally this type of menu is called the hamburger menu, but the Good Market software teams calls it the polosburger menu after a vegan jackfruit burger that is popular in the Good Market community in Sri Lanka



Click the Preferences icon to change the language, country, and currency of the site. The platform is currently available in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, Japanese, Spanish, and Nepali. If you would like to help make it available in additional languages, please check out the translation page.


Login Switch

Click the login switch in the top right corner to log in, log out, or sign up. Visit the Personal Account page for login help. If you are Good Market Approved, you can click the login switch to change between your personal account and enterprise account.

Bottom Menu


In the Marketplace area, you can find profiles and marketplace listings from Good Market approved enterprises. You can search for a specific enterprise name or explore and find someone new. No login is required. Visit profile pages to follow community members, share feedback, learn more, or get in touch.


The Community area of the site is a place to connect with other community members. You can ask and answer questions, share information, organize meetups, and more. You need to be logged in to see this section of the site.



Click the gear icon to go to the Account section. If you have a Good Market approved enterprise, you can use the login switch in the top right corner to switch between your Personal Account and Enterprise Account.


Clicking the Help icon opens a chat popup where you can send a help chat message to the Good Market team. The popup also includes a link to Good Market Info.

Directory and Marketplace

The Marketplace is the home page of the site and includes profiles and marketplace listings from Good Market Approved community members. You can return to it by clicking the stall icon in the bottom menu or by clicking the Good Market logo at the top of the page. No login is required to explore the Marketplace.

Grid, List, and Map View

The home page opens in grid view. If you want more details on the community members, you can switch to list view. If you want to see their locations, you can switch to map view. If you search for a keyword or name, the search results will show in list view, but you can switch to grid view or map view at any time.

Keyword Search

Use the search bar at the top of the Directory and profile pages to search by keyword or enterprise name. Search is powered by Algolia and includes instant search, autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms, and global language support. Clicking enter or the search icon shows all relevant results. Selecting an enterprise’s name from autocomplete takes you directly to their profile page.

Filter by Location

The location search bar filters results by location and is based on Google Maps locations. Select a country, state or province, or city from the drop down list to filter by location. Results can be seen in grid, list, or map view. 

Other Filters

On desktop computers, the filter box is always open on the left side of the screen. On mobile phones, you can click the blue Filter button to open the filter box. The homepage opens to show a Directory with the Profiles of Good Market community members. Profiles can be filtered by Sectors, by Focus, and by Certification. When filters are selected, the Filter button becomes dark blue. Filters can be deselected or you can click Clear Filters to remove all of the filters at one time.

Profile Pages

All Good Market Approved community members have a public profile page that’s accessible through the Marketplace.  The profile page is free and includes contact details, links, profile photos, a description paragraph, marketplace listings, feedback from other community members, people and planet info, and map locations. The profile page is generated based on the information in the application form. 


To contact an enterprise, click the green Contact button under their name. This will open a pop-up with space to send a chat message, phone number, email address, and any available links.


  • Clicking on a phone number from a mobile phone should open the number.
  • Clicking on an email address should open your default email program.


Community members tend to actively update their contact details on the Good Market site. If you have any difficulty reaching a enterprise through their profile page contacts, please get in touch with the Good Market team.


If you’d like to show your support for a Good Market community member and see updates, click the heart icon on their profile page to follow them. They will receive an email notification.

Share Feedback
If you have experience with a Good Market community member, please take a moment to leave feedback on their profile page.


  • If you had a positive experience, consider sharing details and specific examples. This reinforces good practices.
  • If you had a negative experience, try to use a constructive tone and offer recommendations for improvement. 
  • If you have evidence that a community member is making false claims or does not meet the minimum standards, please click the flag icon below the contact button to start a review process.

To leave feedback, start writing in the text field below the description paragraph. Click the camera icon to add an image. Click the X to cancel. Click the ✓ to publish.

You can edit or delete the feedback that you personally leave on the site. Click the top right corner of your post to open the drop-down menu. Select Edit or Delete. If you see feedback from someone else that you think should be deleted, please flag it.

The purpose of the Good Market platform is to help all community members learn, improve, and work together to create a better world. If you see feedback that does not meet Good Market Community Guidelines, please contribute to the community by clicking the flag icon and flagging it for review.

Good Market Level
The thumbs-up icons on the profile page show the Good Market Level. It ranges from 1 to 5. An approved community member that just meets minimum standards might be Level 1. A community member with a very strong focus on social and environmental impact might be Level 4 or Level 5

Community member can raise their level by:


  • Adopting new practices that benefit people and the planet 
  • Partnering with other Good Market community members as suppliers or customers
  • Obtaining third-party sustainability certifications
  • Demonstrating a clear social or environmental focus

Good Market community members are able to edit their form and re-publish their profile page at any time. If the updates change their Good Market Level, it triggers a review.

Marketplace Profile Level

People & Planet

The People & Planet section of the profile page shows all of the claims that were made in the application form. If you have evidence of a false claim, you can flag the profile and start a review process.


The purpose of the bar chart is to show the relative focus on different types of stakeholders: Customers, Workers, Suppliers, Community and the Environment. It’s based on how the application form is filled and uses the same algorithm as the Good Market level. 


Each Good Market community member has its own story and the bar charts will differ accordingly. No enterprise is expected to focus equally on all categories of stakeholders.

Profile Chart 1
Profile Chart 2
Flag and Enterprise
Crowdsourced monitoring is a key component of the Good Market . If you have evidence that a Good Market Approved community member made a false claim or does not meet , please take a moment to click the flag icon on their profile page. 

Flagging starts a review process. If it is found that an organization intentionally made a false claim, they may lose their Good Market Approved status.

When you click the flag icon, it will take you to new page.  Select which specific claims you think are false and provide a written explanation for each one.  Supporting evidence is encouraged.  Photos, documents, and other files can be uploaded before submitting.

In order to protect the identity of workers, suppliers, service providers, and customers, the flagging process is anonymous.  A Good Market team member may contact you by email to request additional information or provide an update on the review.


Marketplace Listings

All Good Market Approved enterprises are now able to add products, services, events, media, places, fundraising campaigns, job vacancies, volunteer opportunities, and anything else they’d like to share to the community marketplace for free. Marketplace listings are anything an enterprise has to share. They do not need to involve money.