Welcome to Good Market Info!

Click the logo to return to the Good Market app

Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to return to the Good Market app.

Enterprise Account

Account Settings

Click the gear icon to go to your Account page. If you have a Good Market Approved enterprise, use the login switch in the top right corner to change from your personal account to your enterprise account.

Edit Profile

The photos and information that appears in your profile page are based on what you included in your application form. You can edit and update your profile name, location, contact details, links, logo, photos, and claims at any time.


Click the Edit button to open your application form. Make the required changes and click the Publish button at the bottom of the form when you are done.

Contacts and Links

For contact details, make sure to use the correct format so that the links on your page work. For example, the phone number should include the country code with no spaces or other characters. Social media links should include the full URL link and not just the name of your page.

Map Location

The location name that appears under your profile name is automatically generated by Google Maps based on where you dropped the red pointer on the map in the application form. ​​If the location name on your profile page is not correct, open the form, check to make sure the pointer is on the correct spot on the map, and click Publish. ​​If the pointer is on the correct spot, but the location name is not correct, you can report the issue to Google Maps and recommend a name change for that location.


Logo and Photos

Logos are “fit” on the site, which means they will fit within the square regardless of their size or shape. Photos are “fill” which means they appear cropped to a square shape (1:1 ratio). Clicking on a photo opens the full size image in a gallery. Profile photos should include actual images of your products, services, team, or place, and should highlight social and environmental impact. Computer graphics and text-based images should not be used as profile photos. The profiles look best with at least two photos. If two photos were not included in your application, additional images from social media may be added. These can be updated after your profile is published.

Description Paragraphs

The description paragraph on your profile page is based on the information you provided in your application and information that is available online.


The paragraphs are written by admin in order to:


  • Ensure a consistent, neutral tone
  • Maximize keywords for search engine optimization
  • Support translation

If you would like something changed in your description paragraph, get in touch by email or help chat.


If someone leaves feedback on your profile page, you will receive an email notification. You can visit your profile page to reply. You can also flag the feedback if it does not meet Community Guidelines.

View Stats

Click the Stats button at the top of your enterprise account page to see how many people have viewed, followed, and shared your profile page and how many people have clicked the contact button to access your phone number, email, and links.


The Page Contact statistic includes everyone that clicked the contact button. Because visitors to the site do not have to be logged in to access contact details and links, their information may not be available in the site. It is possible they already reached out through phone, email or social media.

Download Resources

Click the Resources button to access the page where you can download a copy of your certificate, “Good Market Approved” logos, and other resources. There is also a link to the conditions for using the Good Market Approved brand and logo.


When you are approved, a paper copy of the logo is printed and sent to the postal address included at the end of your application form. If you haven’t received a paper certificate within 4 weeks, please get in touch

​If you would like additional copies of your certificate, you can download the file from the Resources page. The certificate is automatically generated based on the information in your application form. If you would like to change the name on the certificate, update the profile name in your application form and click publish.

Good Market Approved Logo

The Good Market Approved logo is available in three downloadable formats: PNG, EPS, and PDF. It can also be added to a website. Copying and pasting the code into a website will create a clickable widget that links back to the Good Market site. When you are copying and pasting the code, you can update the web address to redirect to your own profile page, and you can update the width and height measurements to change the size in the site. You can find more information about adding custom HTML code to popular website builders here:

Vendor logo

Enterprise Onboarding

Completing onboarding tasks improves your experience of the site and contributes to the Good Market community. 


The onboarding status bar shows the percent of onboarding tasks you’ve completed. Click the down arrow next to the percent to open this section and view the full list. Clicking on a task causes a popup to appear with instructions on how to complete the task. 


There is additional information in this Platform Help section about inviting contacts, downloading resources, boosting content, viewing stats, subscribing, and adding to the marketplace.


There is a separate onboarding status bar on your personal account page.

Manage Team

When an application is approved, the community member that submitted the application is listed as the owner. The owner can add team members in the Team section on the enterprise account page.


Type an email address in the text field, select from the drop down menu, and click the Add button. If you cannot find your team member’s email address, send them an invite, or ask them to sign up.

Team members are able to:


  • Receive email notifications when someone tags or likes the profile or leaves feedback 
  • Receive updates and newsletters
  • Update the information on the profile page
  • Invite contacts and earn points
  • View stats
  • Download resources
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Add products, services, events, jobs, and more to the community marketplace
  • Boost content

If the owner for your page is no longer part of your team, and you need help adding and removing team members, please get in touch.

Send Invites

Do you know someone that should join the Good Market community? You can send invites from your personal account page, your enterprise account page, and from conversations in the Community section of the site. When a contact uses your invite link, a table will appear in the Invites section showing everyone you have invited. 

Inviting contacts contributes to the Good Market community. If your contact clicks the link in your invite email and signs up, you will receive 1 point. If they later become a Good Market approved enterprise, you will receive an additional 10 points. On an enterprise account, points can be used to boost your content to the top.

Points and Boosts

Good Market approved enterprises receive one “welcome point” when their profile is published are approved.


You can earn additional points by contributing to the community, for example: inviting friends and contacts, leaving feedback for other community members, contributing to community conversations, and monitoring and flagging profiles or content on the site.


In the Points section, you can see a record of all the points you have earned. If you manage an enterprise account, you can use points to boost your profile, offers, or needs to the top of the marketplace homepage and your followers’ feeds.

If you subscribe, you will have 20 subscription points to use per month. Subscription points are used before earned points. If you unsubscribe, unused subscription points will be lost.

Subscription Help

Become a Cocreator by subscribing and supporting the movement. Subscribing covers the costs of your own account. If you contribute more than the minimum, you are covering the costs of small-scale entrepreneurs, farmers, and artisans who cannot afford to subscribe and investing in further development.

Step 1: Go to www.goodmarket.global and click the gear icon in the bottom menu to open your account page.

Step 2: Use the login switch in the top right corner to change from your personal account page to your enterprise account page.


Step 3: Click the Subscribe button on the enterprise account page and enter a payment amount and credit card details.


Clicking the Subscribe button opens a secure payment gateway. Payments are processed through Stripe, a Level 1 PCI certified Service Provider. Credit card details are not collected or stored on the Good Market community platform.

When the initial payment is processed, you will see the following changes in your enterprise account page:


  • Your status at the top of the page will have changed from Basic to Cocreator
  • Under Points, you will have 20 subscription points in addition to your earned points
  • Under Subscriptions, you will see payment records and management options

Online subscription payments are automatically deducted every month. When each payment is made, an email notification is sent and subscription points are topped up. If you have any questions or problems or would like to make a payment offline, get in touch.

Payment information is processed through Stripe, a Level 1 PCI certified Service Provider. Credit card details are not stored on the Good Market community platform. After subscribing, you will be able to manage subscriptions and see past payments from the Stripe dashboard.



Click Update Credit Card to add a different card number. Click Update Subscription to change the payment amount, and click Cancel Subscription to change back to Basic status.

It is possible to unsubscribe at any time, but canceling the subscription will immediately downgrade the account, which means that subscription points will be removed. Good Market is not able to prorate subscription payments. If you need to cancel a subscription, doing it at the end of the subscription period is recommended.