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Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to go to the directory and marketplace


Network Account

If you have an enterprise account, and you work with a network of other enterprises, you’re eligible to be a network enterprise. This includes membership organizations, incubators, accelerators, marketplaces, retail outlets, certifying bodies, consultants, and other service providers. See examples here.

Good Market is a digital commons, which means it is a shared resource. When members invest in new functionality, it benefits everyone. Most of network functionality was developed through community investment. Here are some ways that networks use the Good Market commons:


  • Visibility: Attract new members, partners, or supporters
  • Curation: Utilize the online application and crowdsourced monitoring system as free primary curation for their own stores, marketplaces, and services.


  • Directory: Reduce administrative costs through user-generated content and easy maintenance. Automatically generate a searchable map and list of members. 


  • Marketplace: Highlight products, services, events, campaigns, investment opportunities, vacancies, and other offers from their network members. Create customized markets for B2C, B2B, travel experiences, etc.


  • Information Management: Collect additional information through custom forms. Manage participatory verification and third-party certification systems.


  • Payments: Manage global membership and verification fees. Generate revenue through a white label marketplace on their own site or by providing additional services to network members.


  • Communication: Facilitate communication with network members (under development)

Activate Network

If you would like to have a network page on the Good Market commons, the first step is to apply online and become an approved enterprise. You can find more information here.


After your profile is published, you can request a network page by sending a help chat message, contacting hello@goodmarket.global, or submitting a Network request under the Networks section on your enterprise account page. At least one of the enterprises in your network needs to have a profile on the Good Market commons for your network page to be activated.

If your network members are visible on your website and at least one network member has a profile on Good Market, your network page may be activated automatically. 

When your network page is activated, you will receive an email from hello@goodmarket.global and you will be able to access the basic services below.

Basic Services

The basic network page includes a logo, a searchable directory with profiles of all network members, and a marketplace that shows all listings from all of your network members. 


When your network page is activated, a new Network button will appear on your profile page. Clicking the Network button opens the network directory by default. Clicking the Marketplace button on the network page opens the network marketplace. Clicking the logo on the network page, goes back to the profile page. Subscribed networks have more customization options.

Update Network Page

When your network page is activated, you’ll also have a new section under Networks on your enterprise account page. You can add and remove network members and add a line of custom text to your network page. To add a member, enter the name they use on their profile page, select them from the dropdown, and click the Add button.

Subscribed networks have more customization options and a full Network Manager page that makes it easier to manage large networks.

Invite Members

Some networks have actively invited and onboarded many members. They shared the following best practices:


  • Send a direct email or chat message to each member. General newsletters are not effective.
  • Personalize the message. Include a personal name and/or enterprise name
  • Keep the message as short as possible and only include a single question or call-to-action.
  • Use short paragraphs and highlight key points in bold font.
  • Include links to more information. Avoid attachments.

All accounts have a custom invite link to share with others. 

Curation Service

Cocreator Benefits

Custom Network Page

White Label Marketplace / Directory

Network Management

Network Forms

Verification Management

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