Welcome to Good Market Info!

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Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to go to the directory and marketplace

Personal Account

Personal Account

Visitors are able to explore the directory and marketplace without logging in. Here are some reasons people sign up and create a personal account:

Support the new economy

Strengthen the movement by choosing to source from, partner with, work for, invest in, and support new economy enterprises. Signing up makes it easier to use the community marketplace and learn about new offers and opportunities.

Amplify own work

Creating a personal account is the first step to applying online for an enterprise account and creating a network. It’s also the first step to joining an existing enterprise account as a team member.

Connect with others

Sign up to send chat messages, participate in the forum, follow enterprises and conversations, and create a custom feed.

Build the commons

Contribute by leaving feedback for enterprises, participating in the crowdsourced monitoring system, inviting people to sign up and apply, and becoming a cocreator.

Signup and Login

Sign Up with Email 

Being a Good Market community member is free. The only requirement is an email address or Google account to log in. Click the Log In in the top right corner to sign up, log in, or log out.

Good Market platform facilitates offline connections including real-life meet-ups, festivals, partnerships, and trade relationships. This requires trust and transparency. Community members should use a real photo and the name they go by in everyday life.


If you’re new to the site and sign up, you will receive a welcome email to the email address that you entered or to the email address associated with your Google account. Open the welcome email and click the green Confirm button to verify the address and complete the sign up process.


When you click the Confirm button in the email, it will redirect you to a welcome page where you can choose language, location, and email notification settings. These preferences can be updated at any time from your Personal Account page. When you return to the site, you will be automatically logged in.

Change Login Email

To update the email address associated with your account, click the edit button next to your email address. In order to finalize the change, you will need to verify the email using the same process as a first time login. 


If you would like to receive email notifications at a different address, you can change your email address. If you would like to receive notifications at an additional address, you can sign up with a new account.

Manage Account

Change Name and Photo

Your account name and photo will appear on the site when you leave feedback or participate in a conversation under your member account.

Click the edit icon to correct or edit your personal account name. If you signed up with Google, your photo may have already been added. You can add or change the photo by clicking the camera icon.

Change Language, Currency, and Country

Clicking the green My Preferences button opens a page where language, location, and mailing list preferences can be managed. The language preference currently affects which language the site opens in. It is still possible to switch between languages from the menu in the top right corner. In the future, the language preference will determine the language of your email notifications and mailing lists.


The location preference currently affects which emails you receive. 


The onboarding status bar shows the percent of community member onboarding tasks you’ve completed. Click the down arrow next to the percent to open this section and view the full list. Clicking on a task causes a popup to appear with instructions on how to complete the task. Completing these tasks improves the site experience and contributes to the Good Market community.

Share Feedback

If you have experience with a Good Market community member, please take a moment to leave feedback on their profile page. If you had a positive experience, consider sharing details and specific examples. This reinforces good practices. If you had a negative experience, try to use a constructive tone and offer recommendations for improvement.  If you have evidence that a community member is making false claims or does not meet the minimum standards, please click the flag icon below the contact button to start a review process.


To leave feedback, start writing in the text field below the description paragraph. Click the camera icon to add an image. Click the X to cancel. Click the ✓ to publish. You can edit or delete the feedback that you personally leave on the site. Click the top right corner of your post to open the drop-down menu. Select Edit or Delete. If you see feedback from someone else that you think should be deleted, please flag it.


The purpose of the Good Market platform is to help all community members learn, improve, and work together to create a better world. If you see feedback that does not meet Good Market Community Guidelines, please contribute to the community by clicking the flag icon and flagging it for review.

Flag Enterprises

Crowdsourced monitoring is a key component of the Good Market . If you have evidence that a Good Market Approved community member made a false claim or does not meet, please take a moment to click the flag icon on their profile page. Flagging starts a review process. If it is found that an organization intentionally made a false claim, they may lose their Good Market Approved status.


When you click the flag icon, it will take you to new page.  Select which specific claims you think are false and provide a written explanation for each one.  Supporting evidence is encouraged.  Photos, documents, and other files can be uploaded before submitting.


In order to protect the identity of workers, suppliers, service providers, and customers, the flagging process is anonymous.  A Good Market team member may contact you by email to request additional information or provide an update on the review.

Send Invites

Do you know someone that should join the Good Market community? You can invite people from your member account page, your enterprise account page, and from forum threads in the Community section of the site.

After sending the invite, a table will be appear in the Invites section showing the status of everyone you have invited. You can click the Remind button to send another invite.

Inviting contacts contributes to the Good Market community. If your contact clicks the link in your invite email and signs up, you will receive 1 point. If they apply and become Good Market Approved, you will receive an additional 10 points. At the moment, points can be used to boost profiles, offers, and needs to the top of the marketplace home page. Additional uses for points will be included in future releases.