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Crop Cultivation Standards

PGS Crop Cultivation
The Good Market PGS standards for crop cultivation are based on the IFOAM International Norms for Organic Production and Processing. Learn more. Producers must follow these practices for at least one year to be eligible for the PGS.

Each producer that wants to participate in the organic PGS must sign a producer promise to confirm their commitment to these standards. For independent producers, the promise must be signed by whoever is responsible for onsite practices (e.g. the owner or the farm manager). For producer groups, each individual member must review and sign a promise. 

The promise is available in Sinhala, Tamil, and English and should be reviewed and signed in the producer’s primary language. Literacy rates are very high in Sri Lanka, but if there is a case that a producer is unable to read the promise, a producer group member or the PGS Coordinator can read it to them and get their mark to verify that they understood all points.

Crop Cultivation Producer Promise

​I promise that I will farm according to the organic standards to improve the health of my soil, my family, my community, and the environment.​


1. I will maintain and enhance biodiversity.


2. I will not clear forest or destroy primary ecosystems.


3. I will take appropriate measures to prevent soil erosion and compaction.


4. I will conserve and enhance soil ecosystems.


5. I will not prepare land by burning crop residue or vegetation.


6. I will conserve water and maintain water quality.


7. I will use seed that is open-pollinated and adapted to local conditions whenever possible.


8. I will not use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


9. I will manage pests, weeds, and diseases through biological, physical, and cultural means. I will only apply inputs made from local plants, animal products, and microorganisms.


10. I will not use any synthetic fertilizers, including urea, on organic areas.


11. I will not use any compost made from municipal waste.


12. I will only address mineral deficiencies with minerals from natural sources and in natural forms.


13. I will keep organic and conventional parts of the farm physically, financially, and operationally separated.


14. I will maintain a buffer zone of at least one meter between conventional and organic areas and a barrier that is taller than the height of the crop.


15. I will store prohibited substances in separate locations from where organic products are handled.


16. I will keep separate sprayers for conventional and organic areas.


17. I will thoroughly clean all tools and vehicles used in conventional farming areas before they are used in organic areas.


18. I will see that all organic products are clearly identified as such and are stored and transported in a way that prevents contact with conventional products.


I understand that my farm will be visited by an evaluation team. I promise to share my records and provide correct and accurate information.


I understand that if I break this promise, I will no longer be able to sell my products as organic under this Participatory Guarantee System.