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PGS Record Keeping

Participatory Guarantee Systems are designed to minimize the paperwork burden for small-scale producers. The basic record keeping requirements for individuals and producer groups are listed below.
Download Individual Record Keeping Format

Individual Records

Farm records must be up-to-date before an external evaluation visit is requested. Each producer is required to maintain farm records onsite. At the minimum, this should include:


  • A signed copy of their producer promise


  • A farm map showing borders between organic and industrial agriculture areas


  • Activity records with details on planting, input use, and harvest


  • Bills for all farm purchases and sales


It is also recommended that producers develop farm plans with expected future changes and improvements.

Some producers have their own detailed record keeping system. For producers that need help with record keeping, the PGS Committee has developed a simple format in Sinhala, Tamil, and English with space for the farm map, farm plan, planting records, input records, activity records, and harvest records.
PGS Records

Group Records

If producers are applying as a group, they must have up-to-date group records before an external evaluation visit is requested. When an evaluation team visits a producer group, they review the group records first. The group records are used to select a sample of farmers and plan the farm visits to members.


Group records include:


  • Recently completed internal evaluation forms for each approved member.


  • A group ledger with details on all approved members (e.g. name, address, phone number, organic land area, total land area, last use of agrichemicals, dates and results of past monitoring visits, list of organic products).


  • A map showing the location of all members in the group.


As part of the internal evaluation process, producer groups should check that each individual member has farm records and a signed producer promise on site.