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Enterprise Account

Enterprise Account

If you have a personal account and you’re part of an initiative that prioritizes people and planet, you can apply online to create a free enterprise account. Here are some reasons that people apply:

Increase visibility

Demonstrate support for the global new economy movement through a public profile page, be recognized as Good Market Approved, and use the logo and certificate.

Add to marketplace

Add products, services, events, media, places to visit, fundraising campaigns, job vacancies, volunteer opportunities, and more to the community marketplace. Connect through chat, share external links, or receive payment through the community cart. 

Connect with others

Build trust with other new economy enterprises, share information with local and like-minded initiatives, and find new suppliers, service providers, and partners. 

Access network services

Many networks use Good Market as a free curation tool for certification, membership, market access, and other services. Submit one form to access opportunities from multiple networks.

Apply for Enterprise Account

Change Application Language

Filling the application form in your mother language is strongly recommended. The online form is currently available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. If you would like to help make the application available in an additional language, please visit the translation page. You can switch the language by clicking on the language icon in the top right corner. The language you choose will not affect the review process or your profile page. If your application is approved, your profile page will be available in every language on the site. For example, if you submit the application in Sinhala, people will still be able to read your profile page in Sinhala, Tamil or English.


Add a Map Location

Use the “Search location” field inside the map to find the correct area. If your enterprise is included in Google Maps, you can search by your name. If not, search by an address. Click on the map to select a location.This will drop a red pointer on the map. If the pointer is not in the correct place, you can drag and drop it to a new spot. If you do not see a red pointer on the map, a location has not been selected. The Location Title field is the label that will be used on your map location on the profile page. Entering text here does not add a location to the map.


Add Multiple Map Locations

If you have more than one location (offices, workshops, factories, retail outlets, cafes, etc.), click the Add Location button to create a new map and add an additional location. The map selected as Primary Location will appear as the location name on your Profile page and in the search results.


Save Draft Application

The application form saves automatically when you navigate to a new page. If you would like to save before that or if you would like to save a draft and return to it later, click the Save Draft button at the bottom of the page. When you click the Save Draft button, you will get a pop up message asking if you want to exit the form or continue editing.


Open and Submit Saved Application

If you want to open a saved draft of an application or a past application that was already submitted, click the gear icon in the bottom menu to go to your Personal Account page, and open the My Enterprises section. You will see all of the draft applications you have started plus any applications that are submitted, more info, approved, or not approved. Click the Edit button next to the application to open the form.

No. The application is dynamic, which means that different questions appear depending on what sector is selected and how previous questions are answered. Because the application form is multi-lingual and dynamic, it cannot be downloaded, sent by email, or filled offline. If you know someone that wants to apply but does not have an email address or internet access, please help them with the application or encourage them to contact the Good Market team or a community partner for assistance.

​You can either skip the question or select No. Every organization is different. There are start-ups and large corporations. Some social enterprises focus on serving workers and others focus on suppliers. Use the application to tell your story. Each approved community member has a public profile. When you answer Yes to a question, you are making a claim about your organization. If the application is approved, these claims will be included in your public profile page. If you skip a question or select No, it will not appear in your profile.

Future plans can be included in the Additional Info section at the very end of the application. All other questions should be answered based on your current situation. If you make changes or improvements in the future, you can always go back and edit your profile. When you answer Yes to a question, you are making a claim about your organization’s current operations. If the application is approved, these claims will be included in your public profile page. Making a false claim can affect your reputation and your Good Market Approved status.

Good Market approves brands, not companies. Some companies are in the process of transitioning. They might have a special line of products and services that are healthy, all-natural or eco-friendly, but other products that still do not meet Good Market standards.These companies should specify a brand name that covers all products and services that meet Good Market standards. All products and services under a Good Market approved brand must meet the minimum sector standards.

Applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Purpose: Does the organization have a social or environmental purpose? Does it prioritize the environment, customers, workers, suppliers, and community over short-term profits?
  • Minimum Sector Standards: Does it meet minimum sector standards?
  • Self-Sustaining: Does the organization have a self-financing strategy, e.g. trade, service provision, membership fees, crowdfunding, or volunteers? If future operations and services are dependent on securing institutional grants, an organization is not considered financially sustainable.
  • Internal Consistency: Are the answers to the questions logically consistent? Does the information match the products, services, and photos?
  • External Consistency: Does the organization communicate about purpose on packaging, social media, websites, etc?Do they have third-party certification? Does the information in the application match the organization’s external information? 

The team tries to review each submitted application within 48 hours. It can take longer during peak submission periods and new releases. If there is not enough information to take a decision, the team will send questions and comments. You will receive an email that says “A few questions about your Good Market application.” You can edit, add more details, and resubmit.

If you want to speed up the review process, double check the following before submitting:

  • Sector: Choose the sector that best describes the core product or service you provide to customers. Most community members only select 1 or 2 sectors. The sector you select will affect which questions you see in the application. Before selecting a sector, look through all of the options carefully and read the help text. 
  • Photos: At least one photo is needed. More are recommended.
  • Mission Statement: Priority is given to applicants that have a mission related to health, social service, or environmental sustainability.
  • Follow Up Questions: If you select Yes for a question, make sure to provide supporting details in the follow up question. If you are not able to provide supporting details, change the answer to No.
  • ​Additional Info: Including more details in the Additional Info section at the end of the application is strongly recommended.

First, make sure that your application was submitted. If the application is not submitted, the team cannot review it. Click on the person icon in the bottom menu to open the Account page and look under the My Brands section.

  • If the status says Draft or More Info, click the Edit button to open the application form. Check each page and click Submit at the end.
  • If the status says ApprovedMore Info or Not Approved, you should have received an email notification. Check the email address that you used to verify your account. If you don’t see the email notification in trash or spam, please get in touch.
  • If the status says Submitted and it has been more than 48 hours, please get in touch.

​The email notification that is sent when an application is not approved usually contains the reasons. The most common reasons are related to:

  • Purpose: It is not clear how the organization prioritizes people and the planet or focuses on health, social service, or environmental sustainability.
  • Minimum Sector Standards: There are products or services under the brand name that do not meet minimum sector standards.
  • Sustainability: The activities are project-based or dependent on short-term institutional grants. 
  • Consistency: The information in the application is not consistent or does not match external information.

There are many resource people in the Good Market community that help organizations transition to more sustainable practices.If your organization decides to focus on social and environmental benefits in the future, you are welcome to reapply.

Yes. If you have made improvements to your organization, addressed the points raised in the initial review, and increased your focus on people and planet, you are welcome to reapply. Click on the person icon in the bottom menu to open the Account page. Applications are in the My Brands section at the top of the Account page. Click the Edit button to open an application, make the required changes, and click Submit.

Download Logo and Certificate

Vendor logo

Click the Resources button to access the page where you can download a copy of your certificate, “Good Market Approved” logos, and other resources. There is also a link to the conditions for using the Good Market Approved brand and logo.

The Good Market Approved logo is available in three downloadable formats: PNG, EPS, and PDF. 

It can also be added to a website. Copying and pasting the code into a website will create a clickable widget that links back to the Good Market site. When you are copying and pasting the code, you can update the web address to redirect to your own profile page, and you can update the width and height measurements to change the size in the site. You can find more information about adding custom HTML code to popular website builders here:

Update Profile Page

The photos and information that appears in your profile page are based on what you included in your application form. You can edit and update your profile name, location, contact details, links, logo, photos, and claims at any time.


Click the Edit button to open your application form. Make the required changes and click the Publish button at the bottom of the form when you are done.

For contact details, make sure to use the correct format so that the links on your page work. For example, the phone number should include the country code with no spaces or other characters. Social media links should include the full URL link and not just the name of your page.

The location name that appears under your profile name is automatically generated by Google Maps based on where you dropped the red pointer on the map in the application form. ​​If the location name on your profile page is not correct, open the form, check to make sure the pointer is on the correct spot on the map, and click Publish. ​​If the pointer is on the correct spot, but the location name is not correct, you can report the issue to Google Maps and recommend a name change for that location.

Logos are “fit” on the site, which means they will fit within the square regardless of their size or shape. Photos are “fill” which means they appear cropped to a square shape (1:1 ratio). Clicking on a photo opens the full size image in a gallery. Profile photos should include actual images of your products, services, team, or place, and should highlight social and environmental impact. Computer graphics and text-based images should not be used as profile photos. The profiles look best with at least two photos. If two photos were not included in your application, additional images from social media may be added. These can be updated after your profile is published.

The description paragraph on your profile page is based on the information you provided in your application and information that is available online. The paragraphs are written by admin in order to:

  • Ensure a consistent, neutral tone
  • Maximize keywords for search engine optimization
  • Support translation
If you would like something changed in your description paragraph, get in touch by email or help chat.

Add Team Members

When an application is approved, the community member that submitted the application is listed as the owner. The owner can add team members in the Team section on the enterprise account page.


Type an email address in the text field, select from the drop down menu, and click the Add button. If you cannot find your team member’s email address, send them an invite, or ask them to sign up.

Team members are able to:

  • Receive email notifications when someone tags or likes the profile or leaves feedback 
  • Receive updates and newsletters
  • Update the information on the profile page
  • Invite contacts and earn points
  • View stats
  • Download resources
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Add products, services, events, jobs, and more to the community marketplace
  • Boost content

If the owner for your page is no longer part of your team, and you need help adding and removing team members, please get in touch.

Communicate as Enterprise

If someone leaves feedback on your profile page, you will receive an email notification. You can visit your profile page to reply. You can also flag the feedback if it does not meet Community Guidelines.

Add to Marketplace

Learn more about how to add basic and cart listings here.

Earn Points and Boost Content

Good Market approved enterprises receive one “welcome point” when their profile is published are approved.


You can earn additional points by contributing to the community, for example: inviting friends and contacts, leaving feedback for other community members, contributing to community conversations, and monitoring and flagging profiles or content on the site.


In the Points section, you can see a record of all the points you have earned. If you manage an enterprise account, you can use points to boost your profile, offers, or needs to the top of the marketplace homepage and your followers’ feeds.


If you subscribe, you will have 20 subscription points to use per month. Subscription points are used before earned points. If you unsubscribe, unused subscription points will be lost.

Clicking the Subscribe button opens a secure payment gateway. Payments are processed through Stripe, a Level 1 PCI certified Service Provider. Credit card details are not collected or stored on the Good Market community platform. When the initial payment is processed, you will see the following changes in your enterprise account page:


  • Your status at the top of the page will have changed from Basic to Active
  • Under Points, you will have 20 subscription points in addition to your earned points
  • Under Subscriptions, you will see payment records and management options

Online subscription payments are automatically deducted every month. When each payment is made, an email notification is sent and subscription points are topped up. If you have any questions or problems or would like to make a payment offline, get in touch.

Payment information is processed through Stripe, a Level 1 PCI certified Service Provider. Credit card details are not stored on the Good Market community platform. After subscribing, you will be able to manage subscriptions and see past payments from the Stripe dashboard. Click Update Credit Card to add a different card number. Click Update Subscription to change the payment amount, and click Cancel Subscription to change back to Basic status.

It is possible to unsubscribe at any time, but canceling the subscription will immediately downgrade the account, which means that subscription points will be removed. Good Market is not able to prorate subscription payments. If you need to cancel a subscription, doing it at the end of the subscription period is recommended.

Join Network

If a Good Market community member adds you to their network, you will receive an email notification. Your profile will be visible in their network directory and your listings will be visible in their network marketplace.

You can see what networks you have been added to under the Networks section of your enterprise account page. The networks you are included in will also appear on your public profile page at the end of the People & Planet section. You can be part of more than one network. 


If you feel that you should not be included in a particular network, you can click the Leave button. If you feel you should be included in a network (or you leave a network by mistake), you can contact the network and ask them to add you.