Welcome to Good Market Info!

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Welcome to Good Market Info! Click the logo to go to the directory and marketplace


The community translation project makes the digital commons accessible to more people. It started on a separate translation platform and is now available directly on www.goodmarket.global🙌


The application form, minimum standards, and networks forms are the highest priority for translation. These need to be reviewed by fluent speakers to ensure consistent meaning and standards are maintained across languages. The fluent speakers who review translations are recognized as Cocreators. ❤️


Community translation is currently available for all static text on the site. In the future, machine translation will be added for profile paragraphs, marketplace listings, and other community content.

Current Languages

There are currently 21 languages available on the site:

  • ar – العربية
  • da – Dansk
  • de – Deutsch
  • en – English
  • es – Español
  • fr – Français
  • hu – Magyar
  • ja – 日本語
  • ko – 한국어
  • ms – Bahasa Melayu
  • my – ဗမာစကား
  • ne – नेपाली
  • nl – Nederlands
  • pt – Português
  • si – සිංහල
  • ta – தமிழ்
  • th – ภาษาไทย
  • tr – Türkçe
  • ur – اردو
  • vi – Tiếng Việt
  • zh – 中文

Change Site Language

The site language can be changed from the language switch at the top of every page or from your account preferences.


Language Switch

To view the site in a different language, click the language icon in the top menu, open the Preferences popup, and select your preferred language. You do not need to be signed up on the site to change the language.

Account Preferences

When you create an account on Good Market, you will be able to set your language, country, and currency preferences as part of the sign up process. 


These preferences can be updated at any time. Click Account in the bottom menu to open your personal account page, and click the Preferences button to open the preferences page. When you’re done making changes, click the Save button.

Improve Current Languages

If you notice a translation error or would like to help review and improve a language on the site, the first step is to sign up and create a personal account.

1. Request Access

Send a help chat message or email hello@goodmarket.global to say which language you are able to help with and which personal account you would like to use. The help team will connect your email login to your requested language and send a confirmation.

2. Open Review Translation Page

Go to www.goodmarket.global, open the menu in the top left corner, and click the new Review Translation link to open the Review Translation page for your language. 

3. Make Improvements

If you are helping review a new language, please prioritize the dark blue sections at the top of the page. Open a section and compare the English text with your selected language.

If a translation is wrong, click on the text box, update the text, and click the Save button. Most text syncs immediately. If the text has code that starts with “gm,” it syncs once per day.

If the English text has been changed, but the translated text has not been updated, the text box will be outlined in red. 

If you are trying to fix a translation error, open the sections and use the browser search functionality to find the text that needs to be updated. If you cannot find the text, contact the team by help chat or by email at hello@goodmarket.global.

Add a New Language

The first step to add a new language, is to identify at least one fluent speaker who can help with the review. Email hello@goodmarket.global or send a help chat message with the language you would like to have added and the names of the community members who will help with the review.

The software team will add the language with machine translated text and give the volunteers access to the Review Translation page to make improvements as explained above.