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Spotlight on community waste management

Check out these Good Market approved social enterprises, responsible businesses, nonprofits, and voluntary initiatives that focus on community waste management and circular local economies. ❤️ Know another group working to transform waste into resources? Get in touch or encourage them to apply.


Lalitpur, Nepal

Biocomp produces high quality compost from organic waste in the Kathmandu valley. Their goals are to contribute to a circular economy, reduce green house gas emissions, and support sustainable and climate resilient food systems. Biocomp …

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Clean City

Chitwan, Nepal

Clean City provides a comprehensive community-based approach to waste management in developing countries. They work with local organizations to raise public awareness, catalyze community action, and develop collection, composting, and …

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Doko Recyclers

Kathmandu, Nepal

Doko Recyclers promotes and enables smart sustainability and a circular economy by working with corporations, educational institutions, apartment buildings and colonies, factories, hotels, restaurants, and households in Nepal to reduce and …

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Eco Friends

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Eco Friends provides a mobile app to connect households and recycling centers and improve waste management in Sri Lanka. Users enter the recyclable waste they have by category, and Eco Friends organizes collection and delivery to recycling …

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Leh, Ladakh, India

EcoSage is a Himalayan waste management company that is using smart waste collection and treatment systems to transition to a zero waste circular economy in the region. They are developing waste exchange centers in hill stations, offering …

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Boadilla del Monte, Spain

greenYng is a digital recycling platform that connects a network of smart bins with user-friendly apps. They aim to transform waste collection and make recycling a more educational, fun, and rewarding experience. Citizens can use the app to find the …

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Kathmandu, Nepal

Khaalisisi is a digital waste management platform that connects waste sellers with waste buyers and increases the volume of waste that is recycled in Nepal. There are about 13,000 collectors in Kathmandu alone. Khaalisisi partners with these local …

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Ciudad de México, Mexico

Promesa is dedicated to transforming environmental education in Mexico through sustainability programs in schools, homes, companies, and other organizations. For school programs, one of the first steps is segregation and collection of waste for …

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PSD Nepal

Chandragiri, Nepal

Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD) Nepal works with the mountain people of Langtang to cultivate circular economies and find solutions for plastic waste in Himalayan national parks. They developed a one rupee per PET bottle …

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

R.City offers food recycling services that reduce landfill waste, build urban farmland, and provide fresh, local food in the Phoenix Metro Valley. They make it easy for homes, businesses, churches, and restaurants to compost their food waste by …

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Thalpe Recycling Center

Thalpe, Sri Lanka

Thalpe Recycling Centre is a community-supported initiative that offers recycling pickup on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. They collect recyclable plastic, glass, metal, and paper, clean and sort it, and sell it to recycling organizations. This prevents …

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Vibhava (ZeroTrash)

Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Vibhava was started to provide innovative solutions to the biggest challenges in Sri Lanka from pollution to poverty. Zerotrash currently collects 18 types of materials for recycling and upcycling and is working to develop more solutions to reduce the …

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Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB)

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Waste Less Arugam Bay (WLAB) provides holistic solutions to the problem of plastic pollution in the Arugam Bay area of Sri Lanka’s east coast. They offer filtered water to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, coordinate a plastic waste …

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Waste Management Authority

Ganemulla, Sri Lanka

Waste Management Authority Western Province is a government body that focuses on waste management systems for the most populated region of Sri Lanka. The Western Province produces 3,500 metric tons of waste per day, which is 60 percent …

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Zero Waste Event Productions

The Plains, Ohio, United States

Zero Waste Event Productions is a leading recycling, composting, and waste management provider for indoor and outdoor live music events, sporting events, community gatherings and conferences. They serve more than 30 events across 10 …

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Zero Waste Ladakh

Leh, Ladakh, India

Zero Waste Ladakh aims to change the way that waste is perceived and managed in Ladakh based on the 6 Rs of zero waste: rethink, refuse, reduce, repair and reuse, recover, and rot. They conduct awareness campaigns, conserve …

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