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New community members for October 2021

Welcome to the 52 social enterprises, cooperatives, responsible businesses, civic organizations, and networks that became Good Market approved in October 2021! This month’s roundup includes new community members from Canada, the United States, Colombia, Ghana, Jersey, the United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia. More than 2,096 enterprises across 67 countries are now part of the Good Market commons.

IDEP Foundation

Gianyar, Indonesia

IDEP Foundation has been delivering training, practical programs, and media content to communities in need across Indonesia since 1998. They focus on supporting community resilience and sustainable development through permaculture and disaster risk reduction. As part of their permaculture work, IDEP Foundation coordinates a demonstration farm and training center, a seed saving initiative, a waste management pilot, the development of waste water gardens, and homegarden training programs. Through their community-based disaster management work, they strengthen community capacity and resilience before a disaster, network with partners to provide immediate relief assistance during a disaster, and use permaculture approaches in the rehabilitation and recovery process. They prioritize rural and remote areas that are far from the main road or are not served by mainstream aid agencies. IDEP Foundation also produces films, educational resources, booklets, manuals, board games, activity books, posters, and other materials for awareness campaigns. They are supported through membership, donations, voluntary action, and seed sales.


Anneville Farm

Saint-Martin, Jersey

Anneville Farm is a family run farm that provides fresh fruits, vegetables, Jersey Royal potatoes, and other organic produce to local people in Jersey. They are committed to regenerative agriculture techniques that respect the soil and surrounding ecosystems. Anneville Farm plants diverse winter cover crops and practices reduced till and no till methods to build soil health. They have transitioned to compostable packaging to reduce plastic waste. Anneville Farm supplies SCOOP The Sustainable Cooperative and other local restaurants and businesses that actively support local food systems. They are certified organic by Soil Association.



Bright Endeavors

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Bright Endeavors manufactures and sells soy candles, reed diffusers, and bath salts in order to provide transitional job training and professional skill development for young mothers facing systemic barriers in Chicago and the western suburbs. The initiative was started by New Moms, a not-for-profit organization that helps young mothers transition to housing stability, economic mobility, and family wellbeing. Brain science research indicates that there are three periods of life in which the brain develops most rapidly: early childhood, adolescence, and when someone becomes a new parent. New Moms works at the intersection of all three. Bright Endeavors is a 16-week paid program that builds core life skills and career skills through integrated classroom training, coaching, and hands-on job experience. Participants produce premium candles that are handmade from soy wax and phthlate free fragrances. Priority is giving to responsible materials like recycled glass and cardboard and biodegradable packing materials. All proceeds are reinvested towards their mission. Bright Endeavors is part of the REDF portfolio, Chicago Fair Trade, and the Social Enterprise Alliance.



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Kaiyare is committed to sustainable living, supporting rural livelihoods, promoting Indian craft traditions, and celebrating all things made by hand. They work with women artisans from villages around Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh to create clothing, footwear, bags, and housewares from natural materials and waste. Their clothing is made from handwoven unbleached kala cotton and natural dyes. Their bags and housewares are made from banana tree bark which is hand twisted, knotted, and crocheted. The bags are lined with fabric from their tailoring units. Their handcrafted shoes are made from cork, upcycled rubber tires, and fabric waste. Kaiyare partners with organizations that have shared values like Khamir, Wrukshatone, The Kishkinda Trust, WomenWeave, and Paaduks.



Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Mahayaya supports traditional home-based cultivation and processing of Sri Lankan spices. They work with families committed to farming ecologically in diverse perennial homegardens with no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or other agrichemicals. Products include raw and roasted curry powder, turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, garcinia, chili, and black pepper. Each crop is harvested and hand processed using traditional methods with no fuel-powered machinery. For example, chilies are sun-dried and pounded into chili flakes or powder using a mortar and pestle for superior taste, flavor, and texture. Local farmer societies have now come together to create the Mahayaya Ecological Farmers Association (MEFA). Mahayaya provides training, pays fair prices above market rates, and ensures that no child labor or forced labor is used during the process.


Dodgson Wood

Cumbria, England, United Kingdom

Dodgson Wood is a diversification enterprise of Nibthwaite Grange Farm, an upland farm in the Lake District National Park. The farm specializes in conservation grazing and maintaining traditional breeds of livestock including rare breeds of cattle and sheep. Animals are reared outdoors on permanent pasture with diverse forage. The diversification intiatives aim to make the most of what they have on the farm and share it in an ethical and sustainable way. Dodgson Wood provides accommodation in a renovated barn, an off-grid cottage, a camping barn, and a woodland campsite. They also offer meat, sausage, eggs, fleeces, wool, tweed, jackets, aprons, and shepherd’s bags. Dodgson Wood is part of the Rare Breed Survival Trust and provides free advice to farmers moving to a low input farming system or diversifying to rely less on government subsidies.


Hey Girls Australia

Baulkham Hills, Australia

Hey Girls Australia is a not-for-profit social enterprise that’s on a mission to end period poverty. They sell environmentally responsible period products, and for every item purchased, they do a matching donation to someone in need. Products include sustainably sourced cloth pads, menstrual cups, period pants, and organic certified tampons. The reusable pads, cups, and pants come in an eco wash bag made from recycled plastic bottles, and the cardboard packaging opens up to become a period tracking chart so there is nothing to throw away. Hey Girls Australia packages orders in compostable mailer bags sealed with vegetable glue and delivers through a carbon neutral postal service. Donation partners include Australian homeless shelters, food banks, and community organizations that support domestic violence victims, women refugees, and others in need. Hey Girls Australia is certified by Social Traders and reinvests all of their profits towards their mission.


Bukit Lawang Trust

Langkat Regency, Indonesia

Bukit Lawang Trust is a grassroots organization dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable human development in rural North Sumatra. The center offers a free kindergarten program, English classes, yoga and fitness classes, ecotourism training, and conservation education programs. Bukit Lawang Trust partners with Erna’s Ecofarm on ecological farming initiatives, with Darwin Animal Doctors on a Youth Rangers forest guardian program, with the Richard Cann Wildlife Foundation to maintain a conservation library and outreach center, and with Days for Girls to supply zero waste menstrual kits. They work with dozens of partners to organize reforestation initiatives and an annual Sumatran Conservation Festival. Since 2003, the Trust has hosted international volunteers, interns, and specialists from more than 25 countries. Their work in the Leuser Ecosystem is internationally supported, but locally driven. All Bukit Lawang Trust programs are designed and developed with the local community and delivered through local staff.



Orleans, Massachusetts, United States

Sunbird serves food, drinks, and pantry provisions made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. They started in a food truck in 2010 and expanded to a community-driven cafe in Orleans on Cape Cod. Sunbird sources directly from local growers, catchers, and foragers for peak flavor, nutrition, and sustainability. They minimize food waste by pickling, preserving, and fermenting ingredients and selling ready made products at their deli counter.


Alder & Green

London, England, United Kingdom

Alder & Green produces sustainable menswear with a focus on quality, fit, and transparent supply chains. Their organic cotton dress shirts are made in Guimarães, Portugal by a family run factory committed to fair working conditions and living wages. Shirt fabrics are woven by the Albini Mill in Italy from GOTS certified organic cotton that is traceable to partner farms in the United States. Alder & Green sources directly from suppliers and sells directly online in order to remove middlemen, pass on savings, and provide customers with premium clothing at fair prices. They offer a wide range of collar sizes, sleeve lengths, and fits to minimize the carbon footprint and waste associated with returns. They are also rolling out a LocalFit initiative to coordinate alterations with local tailors. Alder & Green ships in compostable packaging and is working towards carbon neutral operations. They use their platform to raise awareness about fast fashion and encourage people to “buy less, buy better” by choosing responsibly sourced clothing that will last for years.



Delhi, India

Rivaayat is a social initiative by the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce to empower artisans and sustain and revive dying art forms. They work with craftspeople to incorporate contemporary designs, provide them with a platform to showcase their skills, and directly connect them with buyers. Their initial focus is terracotta pottery. Rivaayat raises awareness about the health and environmental benefits of using terracotta and partners with traditional terracotta artisans to produce cookware, serveware, jugs, water containers, tea sets, light holders, oil burners, and other housewares. Revenue is reinvested to support artisan groups. Rivaayat is part of Creative Dignity.


Drift Retreats

St. Ouen, Jersey

Drift offers surf and yoga wellness retreats from a base in the Channel Islands. Their Jersey retreats operate from Kempt Tower, a restored heritage property inside a national park with 1,900 hectares of protected coastline. Meals and snacks are plant-based and made from organic and local ingredients sourced through SCOOP The Sustainable Cooperative. In addition to surf and yoga, there are opportunities for standup paddleboarding, nature walks, coastal foraging, mindfulness meditation, massage treatments, creativity workshops, and more. Drift also offers day programs, staycations, and Drift Away retreats in Portugal. Their commitment to environmental responsibility includes avoiding all single use plastic, providing eco packs and natural toiletry products, prioritizing local plant-based food, composting food waste, coordinating beach cleans, planting trees through Trees for Life in Jersey, offering opportunities for guests to offset their travel, and supporting conservation initiatives by Bukit Lawang Trust.


Green World Revolution

Perth, Australia

Green World Revolution helps long-term unemployed people re-enter the workforce through urban farming in Australia. They grow hydroponic microgreens, gourmet salad leaves, and garnishes for restaurants at their Gladstone Street Farm in Perth. They have also developed a Micro Urban Farm growing kit so that people can grow their own microgreens at home or in commercial kitchens. The goal is to increase consumption of microgreens, a nutrient-rich superfood, while minimizing food transport and packaging. The kits contain untreated, non-GMO, open pollinated seeds and grow mats made from coconut, hemp, or other renewable natural fibers. The waste at the end of each growing cycle is organic and can be composted and reused in the garden. Green World Revolution kits and seeds are available online and through local farmers markets. They are a registered charity under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).



Chicago, Illinois, United States

HHPLIFT creates opportunities for people overcoming barriers to fair wage employment and economic independence. Through HHP, they partner with global employment social enterprises and help introduce their products to new distribution channels so they can develop sustainable business models and provide fair wages and valuable services to their artisans and workers. Products include bags, accessories, and housewares made from natural and recycled materials like fishing nets, cement bags, bicycle chain links, leather scraps, plastic bags, palm thread, and more. Through LIFT, they provide direct employment, leadership training, and career development services for disadvantaged adults in Chicago, produce bath and spa products, and offer warehousing, order fulfillment, and other third party logistics (3PL) services. They ship in compostable packaging and offer special 3PL rates for nonprofits and social enterprises. HHPLIFT is part of the Social Enterprise Alliance, Chicago Fair Trade, and The Aspen Institute. They are registered as a not-for-profit organization and reinvest all surplus towards their mission.


Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm

Saint-Pierre, Jersey

Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm started in 1942 and supplied Jersey Dairy for years. In 2021, they launched their own range of artisanal dairy products including multiple flavors of gelato, halloumi and moolloumi cheese, yogurt, kefir, and butter. They use natural, locally sourced ingredients including fresh grown herbs and garden mint, homemade black butter apple preserves, locally roasted Rave coffee, and Jersey Sea Salt. All of the milk is from their own herd of Jersey cows, which means instead of measuring their impact in food miles, they are able to measure food meters. Products are packed in glass jars and compostable or recyclable materials. Blanc Pignon Dairy Farm is certified by Red Tractor for traceability and animal welfare and by LEAF for sustainable farming practices. Their artisan dairy range is accredited by Genuine Jersey.



Shilimb, Maharashtra, India

Anjanvel is an eco retreat and agritourism destination near Pune that enables urban people to experience nature, farm work, and rural life. They offer tent camping, private rooms, and dormitory accommodation for groups. Over the years, they have developed natural farming systems and planted thousands of native trees. Visitors have the opportunity to experience locally grown food, rice planting, traditional craft making, bullock cart rides, village games, forest bathing, local festivals, and more. Anjanvel aims to develop a holistic agricultural tourism model to benefit the local community in Shillim Valley. In addition to providing direct employment, they have helped develop a village savings group, a farmers’ group, and a network of community-based ecotourism initiatives.


Hedge Veg

Saint-Laurent, Jersey

Hedge Veg is a digital platform that makes it easier for people to find and support honesty boxes, farms stalls, and organic shops across the island of Jersey. They aim to provide additional income for farmers and hobbyists, introduce the diversity of local ingredients, reduce food miles, and promote local alternatives to the imported food at conventional supermarkets. The map includes outlets for local fruit, vegetables, Jersey Royal potatoes, honey, milk, eggs, meat, seafood, firewood, plants, flowers, and baked goods. It was started by the founder of the Jersey Local Food Challenge and built locally by Nexus Technology.


Handmade Stories

London, England, United Kingdom

Handmade Stories creates unique clothing, accessories, and housewares and provides fair income and economic independence for artisans in underserved rural communities. They started by working in Peru with traditional jewelry makers, women weavers, and men in prison that need to support their families. The jewelry is handmade in small batches from Peruvian 950 silver, stones, and shells. The clothing incorporates traditional Andean motifs that are handwoven from alpaca and sheep’s wool by Quechua women near Lake Piuray. It’s finished in small, family-owned workshops that employ local people and pay them a fair wage. The handloom housewares are made through the Productive Prisons program that supports inmates to learn trades, earn money, and start their own businesses. Handmade Stories contributes a portion of all sales to support development projects chosen by each community. They are committed to sustainable sourcing, environmentally responsible packaging, and minimizing their carbon footprint.


Wild Health

Saint-Jean, Jersey

Wild Heath aims to promote wellness, educate, and inspire through natural, wild, and healthy food. They prioritize foraged wild leaves, roots, flowers, and fruits to support peak nutrition and local, sustainable eating. Wild Health food is available in Jersey through their food truck, events, catering services, special orders, and The Sustainable Cooperative (SCOOP). They are known for their grazing boxes and grazing tables, fermented probiotic foods, raw wholefood cakes, and their wild apothecary. Wild Health gives back through Kiva by supporting low-income entrepreneurs with food trucks and catering services in other countries.


The Jersey Good Business Charter

Saint Helier, Jersey

The Jersey Good Business Charter highlights, celebrates, and encourages the contribution of businesses to building a better community and a better world. Companies that support the Charter’s aims and have a substantial presence in the island of Jersey can apply to become affiliate members. The Charter Mark is awarded to affiliate member businesses that meet clear standards of ethical business practice in relation to their own people, suppliers, customers, community, and the environment. The Jersey Good Business Charter organizes regular events with local and international speakers and an annual Business is Good (BIG) conference. They have also developed a Good Business Network of individuals who are committed to the values of good business in Jersey. It includes people working on business ethics, sustainability, leadership, organizational culture, social enterprise, corporate social impact, and impact investment. The Jersey Good Business Charter operates on a not-for-profit basis.


Gorilla Spirits

Upton Grey, England, United Kingdom

Gorilla Spirits produces small-batch craft spirits and liquers and contributes to saving the endangered mountain gorilla population. Their award-winning product range includes Silverback Mountain Strength Gin, Old Tom Gin, Wild Strawberry Gin, Silverback VSOG, Blackback Vodka, Karisimbi Spiced Rum, and Maraba Coffee Liqueurs. They also offer tours, tastings, a cocktail masterclass, and a gin school. The distillery has invested in a premium water purification system to reduce their carbon footprint and a closed loop cooling system to minimize water use. In 2021, they transitioned to bottles that are 40 percent lighter than typical spirits bottles and made from 100 percent post consumer recycled glass. Gorilla Spirits has a legal agreement with the The Gorilla Organization and donates based on sales, not profits. The Gorilla Organization works with communities in Rwanda, Uganda, and DR Congo on innovative grassroots conservation projects that address key threats facing gorillas today. Gorilla Spirits supports local nonprofits and community organizations with fundraising through their Community Spirit program.


EnCube Labs

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

EnCube Labs aims to unleash the innovation and entrepreneurship potential of youth in underserved communities to transform lives and address social and environmental challenges. Their Zero2Maker and Zero2Entrepreneur frameworks are based on nearly a decade of research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Asia School of Business. Zero2Maker is a teaching technique that takes schoolchildren through the innovation process using hands-on activities to develop creative confidence, self-learning abilities, and communication skills. Zero2Entreprenuer focuses on helping young adults from diverse backgrounds develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset and build nurturing ecosystems around them. Current research looks at the resilience of entrepreneurs and the impact of mentors in creating ecosystems and transforming communities. EnCube Labs is a member of Catalyst 2030.



Sacramento, California, United States

BoxGiver is an online marketplace that enables users to buy, sell, find, and give away boxes and packaging supplies. By connecting people who no longer need packing materials with those who do, they aim to reduce resource consumption, waste, and environmental pollution. The BoxGiver exchange includes cardboard moving and shipping boxes, storage containers, shoe boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble mailers, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, pallets, and more. Surplus revenue is donated to TeamTrees.


Rylance Architectural Ironworks

St Martin, Jersey

Rylance Architectural Ironworks celebrates, preserves, and adds to Jersey’s rich heritage of architectural ironwork. They specialize in heritage restoration, hand forged items, and bespoke gates, railings, balustrades, fireplaces, furniture, lanterns, sculptures, and more. Their work provides an alternative to low quality, mass manufactured imports. Rylance Ironworks collects scrap metal from houses prior to demolition and rescues sections of old metalwork so that new copies can be cast. They offer a blacksmith apprenticeship aimed at empowering young people. Participants have an opportunity to learn a new skillset and find fulfillment from a profession that is creative and rewarding.


Laura Barnes

London, England, United Kingdom

Laura Barnes is a London based illustrator who creates colorful art prints, greeting cards, gift wrap, seasonal products, and housewares that are inspired by the beauty of the natural world. They aim to raise environmental awareness, minimize the impact of their products, and give back to charities that protect the animals and ecosystems that inspire the brand. Their wrapping paper and stationery are printed on uncoated Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and are fully recyclable. Their organic cotton tea towels and textiles are digitally printed in small batches to avoid waste. Christmas baubles and other ceramics are handpainted to order and can be personalized so they are treasured for years to come. Laura Barnes makes products in the United Kingdom to reduce their environmental footprint and prioritizes compostable or recyclable packaging. Ten percent of net profits are donated to The Rainforest Trust.



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Hastha creates contemporary T-shirts, umbrellas, and housewares that are hand block printed with Indian motifs by people with special needs. They commission handmade wooden blocks from local artisans for each design. Hastha has worked with Gurukulam, a center for young people between 6 and 30 years old with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other special needs, to set up a block printing unit for all students and provide vocational training for young adults. Gurukulam now has their own store with students’ products. Hastha aims to expand this program to other special schools and organizations through Project Block by Block. They are developing a library of donated wooden blocks that can be borrowed by schools or people with special needs and then returned to the library for others to use. Hastha uses a portion of their profits to support the education of children with special needs.


Kali-Ma Chocolate

Saint-Martin, Jersey

Kali Ma offers chocolate making workshops and cacao ceremonies in Jersey and produces organic, vegan, and raw chocolate treats in compostable cellophane packaging. Products are made from cacao powder, cacao butter, and coconut palm sugar with no dairy, refined sugar, or synthetic additives. They also offer raw cacao beans, which contain over 300 nutritional compounds, essential minerals, and antioxidants. Kali Ma aims to make the benefits of raw and natural chocolate accessible to the local community. They sell through SCOOP The Sustainable Cooperative and offer need-based bursaries and discounts for events and workshops. A portion of profits is donated to Jersey Zoo.


Cooper & Co Coffee

Saint Helier, Jersey

Cooper & Co, a Jersey-based tea and coffee merchant, was founded in the 1800s and is one of the oldest locally owned companies remaining on the island. They roast and sell sustainably sourced coffee through multiple cafes, a retail outlet, and an online store. Their food service business supplies more than 300 offices, restaurants, cafes, and outlets across Jersey. Cooper & Co is a long-standing member of the Fairtrade Foundation and prioritizes Fairtrade certified suppliers and coffee from diversified small-scale farmers in places they have visited. In recent years, they have traveled to Peru, Bolivia, North Sumatra, Myanmar, and Honduras. The cafes are used by community organizations for campaigns, meetings, and events. Cooper & Co is part of Jersey Eco Active Business Network. They encourage people to bring their own refillable mugs, offer compostable takeaway packaging, and save their coffee grounds for a local community garden.


Connecting NER

Guwahati, Assam, India

Connecting NER aims to support artisans from the north east region (NER) of India, share their stories, and protect their heritage crafts. They specialize in practical household products like trays, baskets, bins, rugs, and mats that are made from locally available raw materials like cane, bamboo, kauna reeds, and water hyacinth. Customers can select from available products, get existing designs made to order, or work with Connecting NER to create custom designs.


Action for Compassion Ghana

Elmina, Ghana

Action for Compassion Ghana aims to provide opportunities for marginalized women and children in Elmira and Cape Coast. They offer sewing classes for women that empower them to generate an income for themselves and their families. Products made during the program are sold locally. Action for Compassion Ghana also offers an arts training program for local children. Alumni produce colorful bags and artwork for local and international buyers.


Gaia & Moon Botanical Soapery

St Lawrence, Jersey

Gaia & Moon Botanical Soapery specializes in handcrafted vegan skincare and other plant-based treats. Products include face, hand, and body soaps, skin butters, lip balms, body oils, shampoo bars, hair conditioner, deodorant bars, dish and laundry soap, bath salts, cleansing herb bundles, and more. Gaia & Moon prioritizes zero waste, plastic free packaging and environmentally responsible practices. They use seed paper labels that can grow into native wildflowers. Products are donated to support fundraising for local community initiatives.



Saint Helier, Jersey

ValueMetrix is a Jersey based sustainability and corporate ethics consultancy working with leading businesses to enhance the authenticity, impact, and profile of their sustainability programs. They facilitate sustainability assessments and audits, provide customized advisory services, organize internal awareness and training sessions, design and execute campaigns, share benchmarking research, coordinate a local support network for sustainability personnel, and host a Jersey sustainability conference. ValueMetrix is the official administrator for The Jersey Good Business Charter. They donate a percent of profits to Water Aid.



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

AtWorks started by offering flexible on-demand coworking spaces in Chennai and expanded to offer a full range of programs and services that help founders of circular impact and climate related startups scale and succeed. They combine community, coworking, programs, and operations support in a single platform membership. Services include mentoring, coaching, incubation, impact-focused accelerator programs, and impact investment support. Their Circular Impact Market Accelerator is India’s first product accelerator focused on solutions to plastic waste. AtWorks is part of Frontiers Lab Asia, The Incubation Network, The Climate Collective, Zebras Unite, and Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability (NELIS).


Stinky Bay Brewing Co

St Lawrence, Jersey

Stinky Bay Brewing Company is the first microbrewery in Jersey. They make small batches of craft beer, supply local restaurants, shops, and venues, sell online, and offer a mobile tap and bar for events. Stinky Bay Brewing Company currently sources hops and barley from Scotland, but they hope to transition to local organic grain varieties as they become available. The spent grain is used as animal feed by nearby farmers. Stinky Bay Brewing Company commits one percent of revenue to their 1% for Good Fund which is used to provide flexible support to social and environmental causes.



Bogotá, Colombia

matteria connects purpose-driven talent with organizations that are changing the world. They post jobs, filter profiles, evaluate candidates, offer customized headhunting services, and consult on organizational DNA. matteria identifies candidates that not only have the required technical skills but are also connected with the purpose of an organization and are empathetic, inclusive, proactive, and able to contribute to impact and sustainability goals. They only work with impact-driven organizations and offer affordable and discounted rates so that all customers are able to find the best talent for their organizations. matteria is a certified B Corporation.


Dandy Coffee Shop

Saint Helier, Jersey

Dandy Coffee Shop offers specialty coffee and food items in Jersey with a focus on natural, ethically sourced ingredients and sustainability. Everything, including their bread, is made fresh in house daily, and the menu is continuously changed to incorporate seasonal fresh produce. Dandy promotes reusable coffee capsules, travel cups, and other coffee supplies. Takeaway cups, coffee bags, and other packaging are fully compostable.




InCareAsia was started to restore the environment and promote and protect Indonesian culture. Their House of Indonesia initiative will establish a community center for Indonesians in Singapore and help Indonesian social enterprises and responsible businesses access new market opportunities. Their Planting for Purpose platform promotes tree planting at selected locations in Indonesia. For all trees planted, they provide a certificate with a QR code indicating the location, types of trees, estimated carbon credit per year, and benefits for the local community. NexBioPro is an initiative to support Indonesian enterprises focusing on biodegradable products and environmentally responsible materials. InCareAsia was started through voluntary action and crowdfunding from the Indonesian diaspora. As the initiatives become self sustaining, they will reinvest a percentage of profits in social projects across Asia.


Dough Rye Me

St Lawrence, Jersey

Dough Rye Me is an artisan bakery started in the SCOOP production kitchen on the island of Jersey. They specialize in wild yeast sourdough bread made with certified organic flour and other sustainably sourced ingredients. The natural slow fermentation process not only deepens the flavor of the bread, it also improves the body’s ability to access the nutritional benefits of the grain and is better for gut health and blood sugar levels. Dough Rye Me provides a freshly baked local alternative to imported, mass manufactured breads available at conventional supermarkets.


Social Mission Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Social Mission Canada aims to elevate purpose-driven organizations by strengthening their business models to balance social value and long term financial sustainability. They focus on earned revenue strategies, performance reviews, market research analysis, product development, service management, process design, and pragmatic marketing. They also work with a network of partners to offer extended services based on organizational needs. Social Mission Canada donates a portion of all revenue to cancer research and services.


Harpo's Marketplace

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Harpo’s Marketplace specializes in natural, locally made pastas, sauces, infused oils, condiments, and other pantry essentials. Local ingredients are prioritized, and all products are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and other synthetic additives. Harpo’s Marketplace serves as a platform for small-scale, local food producers and provides alternatives to commonly imported processed foods. They are committed to environmentally responsible practices and offer discounts for customers that bring their own shopping bags or return glass bottles for sterilization and reuse. The retail range emerged from Harpo’s Cafes and Restaurants, which has a long history of social responsibility. They provide training and employment for people referred by social service organizations, sponsor local arts, music, and theater productions, and donate to the Community Concern Center in Dehiwala, the Meth Sewa Foundation home for people with disabilities, the Heavana women’s shelter, and other projects. Harpo’s is a founding member of the Colombo City Restaurant Collective and is part of their Food 4 Survival program.


Duul Coco Green

Kosgama, Sri Lanka

Duul Coco Green uses discarded coconut shells, husks, and leaves to create handmade housewares, planters, and habitat for birds and other living beings. Their products are hand crafted without machinery or fossil fuels and are fully compostable at end of life. Duul Coco Green creates rural livelihood opportunities in the village of Wegalla. People are able to work at home on their own schedule. They provide fair wages, emergency funds, and support for school children in need. Duul Coco Green also contributes to rural schools and tree planting initiatives.


Cinnamon Bliss

Galle, Sri Lanka

Cinnamon Bliss was started by Meth Bo Sewana, a rural Buddhist temple, to benefit the village community, create livelihood opportunities for underprivileged families, and ensure local children have access to quality education. They are using the traditional land owned by the temple to grow forest gardens of cinnamon, tea, and coconut and create value added products. Products include cinnamon quills, powder, incense sticks, essential oil, soap, and natural fragrance. Revenue is reinvested back into the community and used to provide educational facilities, classes, supplies, and online study opportunities for village children. They also support families in crisis with food and medicine. Cinnamon Bliss is working towards organic verification.



Bandaragama, Sri Lanka

Maluwa specializes in traditional Sri Lankan curries made from sustainably sourced local ingredients. The initiative was started by a Sri Lankan chef with international hotel experience and certifications in nutrition and hygiene with the aim of benefitting local farmers and fishermen and making village style food more accessible for urban consumers. Dishes are prepared in clay pots over a natural wood fire. Maluwa sources vegetables, fruit, buffalo curd, and other farm products directly from small-scale producers in the Gammanpila area and purchases heirloom red and white rice from a nearby mill. Spices are sourced from other Good Market approved enterprises.


Kind Foods

Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Kind Foods creates natural, plant-based food that has a positive impact on people’s health, animal welfare, and the planet. They are committed to developing products that are affordable, free from artificial preservatives and other additives, and easy to prepare and eat. The initial range includes soy milk and tofu made from locally sourced soy beans and plant-based burger patties. The soy pulp is composted and other waste is separated and recycled. Kind Foods actively shares recipes and tips on how to create tasty, plant-based meals.


Rotaract Club of SLIIT

Malabe, Sri Lanka

Rotaract Club of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) is a youth-led voluntary organization that focuses on community service, international service, and professional development. They started in 2013 under the patronage of Rotary Club of Battaramulla and have received multiple awards for their work. Past projects have covered issues from addiction to supporting expectant mothers. Their PODDAK with Podcast initiative highlights club activities and encourages other young people to engage in volunteerism and social service. Rotaract Club of SLIIT operates on a not-for-profit basis. All funds are used for community service projects.



Watareka, Sri Lanka

SCiN creates soaps, scrubs, lotion bars, and other skincare from natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, coffee, turmeric, activated charcoal, goat milk, beeswax, Himalayan salt, and essential oils. They are committed to environmentally responsible practices and plastic-free packaging. SCiN contributes to the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society.



Kuruwita, Sri Lanka

Raga offers pure kithul syrup as a natural, local alternative to artificial sweeteners and refined sugars. They source the kithul sap from the hills of Giliamale and Ayagama in Ratnapura and maintain a unique traceability and quality control system. Trees are numbered, the pH and Brix values of the sap are tested before filtration, and containers are sealed and tagged with a unique barcode that provides all harvest and handling data. In order to attract and develop a new generation of kithul palm tappers, Raga provides direct employment, a monthly salary, safety equipment, and training. They are developing a refill and exchange service to promote reuse and recycling of glass bottles.


Greener Fingers

Ruhunupura, Sri Lanka

Greener Fingers aims to encourage people in Sri Lanka to start home gardening and grow their own food. They use upcycled scrap wood to create unique herb boxes and help people grow edible flowers, herbs, and vegetables from seed or from starters. All plants are naturally grown with no synthetic agrichemicals. Greener Fingers uses a portion of their proceeds to fund tree planting programs.


Eco Solution Hub

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Eco Solution Hub aims to replace imported plastic housewares with environmentally responsible alternatives.They specialize in brooms, brushes, and other household products that are handmade from ekel fiber from coconut leaves and coir fiber from coconut husks. They offer indoor and outdoor brooms, body brushes, dish brushes and scrubbers, and cleaning brushes for kitchens and bathrooms. Products are durable and long lasting but can be composted at end-of-life. Eco Solution Hub sustainably sources all materials and creates livelihood opportunities for rural craftspeople.



Gonawala, Sri Lanka

C’lonMaed specializes in natural products made from the kithul palm. They aim to support local rural livelihoods and provide healthy, traditional alternatives to imported, refined foods. C’lonMaed offers pure kithul jaggery and treacle made from the sap of the tree, kithul flour from the pith, and kithul housewares from the wood. They source from small-scale producers in Galle, Badulla, Kothmale, and Kithulgala.


Hope of Japan

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hope of Japan is an initiative by a group of Japanese volunteers to support Sri Lankan charities. They organize charity bazaar events in Colombo, sell products from Japan, and donate all of the proceeds. Products include handmade Japanese crafts, stationery, traditional snacks, preloved goods, and more. Hope of Japan donates to Surangani Voluntary Services, which provides educational opportunities for rural children in need.



Kadawatha, Sri Lanka

JaRMITE produces homemade jams, spreads, chutneys, pickles, and other treats from natural and locally sourced ingredients. Their mission is to provide an alternative to imported foods with synthetic additives and help people increase their consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables. They compost paper and food waste and offer a discount to customers that return empty glass bottles for sterilization and reuse. JaRMITE aims to support home gardeners and farmers in their local area and provide income opportunities for seniors. They contribute to rural schools and families in need.


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